Passerelles Published on 29/04/2019
Passerelles, is in fact two departments – educational and socio-artistic – which from year to year work together to open wider the doors of the Festival. Passerelles works with schools and universities, but also with all the community groups. Passerelles contributes all the more to strengthening the vital ramifications between the Festival and the territory which surrounds it. Building together a sensitive, open and participatory ecosystem.


Since their respective creation in 2007 and 2008, the educational and socio-artistic departments of the Festival d’Aix are looking to meet men and women for whom opera is by no means easily understood : in the schools, hospitals, universities, retirement homes, the social housing neighbourhoods…
It works by facilitating access to the Festival for its audiences – the free opening of certain performances, the logistical organisation for their visit. But also – above all – through a progressive and adapted accompaniment throughout the year.

Every summer the pre-dress rehearsals of the Festival d’Aix are open to the Passerelles audiences.


Passerelles, is not taking action for. But with the audiences. Founded with the conviction that doing is getting to grips with something, the Passerelles approach is practical. Taking place over the whole year, the awareness itineraries proposes made-to-measure and progressive journeys in order to approach opera in its current state. A process where artistic expression occupies a central position: song, the plastic arts, photography, writing… 

Taking part, is also to join in the adventure of the Festival and of its “opera machine”. By going behind the scenes, with its teams, its backstage area. Several key moments have gived rythm to the 2019 Passerelles calendar. The Festival's Workshop Open Days on last 7 and 8 February welcomed over 400 participants from the Passerelles partner groups helping them to discover opera by learning about its technical careers and taking a look behind the scenes. More recently, around 250 partners met the Festival's technical teams on 24 and 26 April on the set of the Théâtre de l’Archevêché.

Taking part is also contribute to the productions themselves, theatre-side and stageside. With Passerelles, amateurs are welcome at the Festival d’Aix. And the Festival’s energy converges around them in order to invent new pathways towards inclusive creation in opera. Next summer, two projects are involving Passerelles participants. They will be created in the frame of Aix en juin : La Conférence des oiseaux at the Hôtel Maynier d'Oppède and Souvnans –  within the Afrimayé chorus and the multicultural Work Songs chorus – at the Abbaye de Silvacane.

By way of unforgettable experiences, it is the whole of the Festival’s artistic project which feeds off Passerelles and its audiences – and vice versa. A fertile reciprocity, for a Festival d’Aix always more participatory and richer in emotions. 


Le Festival d’Aix is not a closed world. Its energetic roots plumb the depths of the city of Aix-en-Provence, the Aix-Marseille Metropole and all of the region vibrating with particularities.
In order to nourish these ramifications, Passerelles can count on a powerful network of local partners and mediators mobilised over the whole territory. There is no itinery which can be written without them. Schools, universities, community groups: they are the necessary articulations of this assiduous arborescence, cultivated year by year – and fueled by the mutual confidence and the desire to contribute to the life of the territory.

If you don’t come to the Festival, the Festival will come to you. In the digital age, accessibility can also make use of the web. Opera Play app, webdocs, broadcasts live and free – new digital passerelles which will always bring the Festival closer.

Through art, we want to give to our pupils the means of expression. Because we believe that this language can become useful to them – and perhaps even be an essential piece of the puzzle of their life. the words of a primary school teacher

The words of a primary school teacher

With the support of 

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